Litigation Funding

The arrival of October means the “coalbiter” months have begun.  From now until just before Christmas, the days will be growing shorter, and the long nights will give plenty of opportunity to read and write on topics of interest when my children have gone to bed and to update this blog accordingly.

For a more detailed exposition of the term “coalbiting” and the origins of the modern usage of the word the following link may be of interest:

A copy of my most recent article in the journal Litigation Funding can be found here: cause-for-complaint and my last article in that publication this year will be on litigation funding in the context of international arbitrations.

In the meantime I note that the recent case I appeared in, of Essar Oilfields Services Limited v Norscot Rig Mangement PVT Limited [2016] EWHC 2361 (Comm)  has attracted a fair bit of interest on the web and some of the links to the more interesting articles can be found below:


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