Direct access

I have undertaken the Bar Council’s training course for Direct Access work.

I am pleased to consider instruction from members of the public as well as big and small  businesses including insurance companies, claims management companies  and foreign lawyers under the Direct Access scheme.

The work that I undertake under this scheme involves the provision of legal advice, in writing or in consultation, the drafting of legal documents such as Points of Dispute, Points of Reply or Skeleton Arguments or Written Submissions, or attending at a court hearing.

I am  primarily a referral lawyer. If you require a lawyer to go on the court record, or to “run” your case on a day to day basis, you may well be better served by instructing someone else.

I am happy to recommend costs lawyers or solicitors, many of whom I have worked closely with over the years and who I have working relationships with.

If you  require more information on the Direct Access scheme, please read this document:

Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients

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