Assignment: the plot thickens

An interesting decision on the issue of assignment of CFAs was handed down this week by District Judge Besford sitting in the County Court at Hull.

A copy of the judgment can be found here:

Budana v Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 3KH000905

The appeal in Jones v Spire Healthcare has also been adjourned and is to be relisted later in the year.

It is clear that this point has a little way to run yet.

3 thoughts on “Assignment: the plot thickens

    1. For no other reason than lack of court time/judicial unavailability. An all too common phenomenon, as I have just had a 2 day trial pulled this afternoon. If fixed costs were ever to come in, across the board, the effect on the workload of the courts would be colossal. Of course, no modelling or empirical studies will be undertaken to consider this point in advance of such a regume and instead the judiciary will be “surprised” when all those cases which hitherto settled due to fear of heavy costs awards, stand up and fight.

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