Costs and personal injury lawyers

Each year, for longer than I care to remember (a further sign of old age) I prepare and write a paper on issues in costs which are likely to affect personal injury lawyers.

When I was a member of Ropewalk Chambers, I used to deliver the paper as part of their annual personal injury conference. It was always a pleasure to accompany my after lunch speech, with some of my greatest gags, and a pounding rock intro. But time moves on.

The paper is informed by own experience at the coalface of personal injury litigation. As many of you will know, although this blog is devoted to matters concerning costs and litigation funding, for 25 years I have also practised as a personal injury barrister, undertaking the full range of trials, applications, appeals, CCMCs and advisory and drafting work within that field.

I didn’t publish the paper I wrote and delivered last year, I think really because there was rather a lot going on in March 2020. However you can find a copy of it here: Personal Injury Costs 2020. How things have changed in the last year.

This year I am minded to write a further paper on recent developments, wider issues and the shape of things to come for personal injury costs, Personal Injury Costs 2021.

I would be interested in hearing from people on any particular topics that they think are worth including. Email me your suggested topic or particular bugbear, and I will have a look at it at

If you would like a copy of it when I have finished it, please drop me a line at 

I am also wondering whether it would be worth delivering the paper, this year by an online seminar, probably via Zoom or Teams. If so, the next question is whether to do an open seminar, or a number of smaller seminars, perhaps firm by firm.

Again if you have any views on the matter or indeed would just like a natter generally about costs and litigation funding with a cup of coffee to break up the next few weeks of lockdown,  please drop me a line at

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