The stench of hypocrisy

Recently in my household, I have had to declare a state of emergency, suspend the normal democratic procedures, and issue an executive order, banning my children from the use of technology in their bedrooms.

The pernicious blue glow of tablets and phones, has been banished from what should be calm and peaceful surroundings for rest.

The irony of doing so, is not lost on me, as I type this post outside working hours from the comfort of my study, suitably fortified by a succession of Mr Clooney’s ristrettos.

However, needs must as I am preparing a paper for delivery to some 200 fellow lawyers and have a very limited time in which to write it.

Next week, on Friday 4th March, a colleague and I will be speaking at the Ropewalk Chambers Personal Injury Conference, on such matters as fixed costs, digital billing, the assignment of CFAs and the most interesting costs cases of the last 12 months.

I hope to see many of you at the conference. Please do not be shy, but come up and say hello. Feel free to offer to buy me a glass of wine, or indeed to offer me a lucrative brief.

The paper will be published after the conference on this website, as I have done in previous years, but the best gags will only be available on the day.

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