Welcome to my new costs blog.

The concept is very simple. From time to time, I shall update this blog, placing on it longer articles, which I hope will be of general interest, on a variety of topics which might be of use, to those who practice in costs.

I shall also re-publish the articles I have published in the last few years, in my chambers newsletters, and elsewhere where I have retained the copyright.

In addition, as 2012 rolls into 2013, I anticipate that the blog might need to be regularly updated, to reflect upon and comment on the package of measures known as the Jackson reforms, which promise a sea change in the law and practice of costs.

I will not discuss the details of individual cases I am instructed in, on this blog.

Neither will I comment publicly on specific queries for reasons of confidentiality and prudence.

I will also retain a firm editorial control of this blog and whilst welcoming people’s comments, offensive comments by “trolls”, will be sternly dealt with.

Please subscribe to the blog: from time to time, emails will be sent out telling you when it is updated, or when a particularly significant decision in the field of costs has been handed down.

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