Assignment of CFAs: are your retainers bullet proof?

A steady flow of assignment points continue to arise and to cross my desk on a weekly basis.

Solicitors who have purchased cases from administrators, merged firms with another firm, changed their employment, reconstituted from an unlimited liability partnership to an LLP, all seem to have elected upon assignment as the tool of choice for transferring the value in their cases in changed circumstances.

The problem is particularly acute in personal injury and clinical negligence litigation, but also arises in general litigation where substantial success fees are at stake, as paying parties are now probing assiduously for cracks in the retainer.

I can help.

If you would like me to consider your retainers, and advise on their validity and whether remedial steps need to be taken to safeguard your work in progress, I am happy to advise under my usual terms, found on this website.

Please feel free to contact me in chambers accordingly.


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