The living legends

Next week, the living legends that are my good friends and colleagues Paul Hughes and Matthew Smith will be giving a Zoom costs seminar on the recent decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of Kenig v Thompson Snell and Passmore LLP.

A seminal decision on the scope of third party detailed assessments, I have little doubt that the case will open up challenges which hitherto would not have been brought, most obviously in the context of a solicitor executor, who appoints her own firm to administer an estate and sends the outraged beneficiaries of the residuary estate a bill of costs at the end of it, rather larger than they were anticipating.

Matthew and I gave a seminar on the topic last year, and how quickly that time has passed. The video of that seminar can be found here:

You can book your place to listen to Paul and Matthew and learn their thoughts on the latest decision of the Court of Appeal next week here:

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