Costs Wars!

Costs Wars!

In 2017, a sinister figure arose from the Dark Side of the Force, with a twisted plan to introduce a scheme of Fixed Recoverable Costs, which if enacted would bring about the destruction of the legal profession, and bring chaos and confusion across the galaxy.

Now his evil plan is about to reach fruition with the introduction on 1st October 2023 of the new rules on Fixed Recoverable Costs, due to come into force on that day.

And so it is, that later this month Master Jedi Paul Hughes and I will be giving a seminar on the new rules and Practice Directions, the pitfalls and the opportunities and the likely scope of satellite litigation over the next year.

The good news is that you don’t need to travel to a galaxy far far away to attend our seminar. Instead you can do so by Zoom and the link to book your place is below.

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