Costs and clinical negligence claims

Twixmas (that curious period between Christmas and New Year) can be a time for angst, stress, boredom, and in the worse scenarios despair. Family tensions can run high. Stress points fracture. It may not be a restful holiday.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if storms are raging outside (or inside) there will be moments of calm, time for peace and reflection, a chance to sow the seeds for future growth. You just have to find them.

So look for the good around you. You will not have to look far. Even if its simply being out of bed in time to see the glory of a sunrise, and to contemplate, that on this day, at that time, you saw something of the divine.

It is also a good time, to put to bed the old year, and begin preparing for the new. So below, you will find a link to the last costs seminar of 2023. No doubt there will be many more in 2024.

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