Paragraph 103

This month I have been to the Court of Appeal twice, to argue different appeals on various points concerning QOCS.

Judgment has been reserved in both cases.

These were my first trips to the Court of Appeal since 2020, and one of the innovations since then, at least as far as I know, is that appeals are now livestreamed, for the benefit of that dedicated minority who are not watching the World Cup.

I initially found the thought disconcerting: its been nearly 30 years since my advocacy was video’d at Bar School, and of course, the camera always adds 5 pounds, which is a grim prospect.

But the easiest course, is to just ignore it’s presence, say what you would say anyway, as you would say it and treat the recording as a useful aid for reflection.

Cruelly, it has been suggested that the footage may be apt viewing for a filmshow after the Chambers Christmas lunch.

Link to one of the appeals below:

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