The uses of adversity

So Trinity Term draws to an end and the Long Vacation beckons.

A very long one for me, as I shall be gone for most of the next two months. This time last year, I was contemplating surgery, and then had two months off work recuperating from my wounds: being deprived in consequence of a summer holiday, I have determined to make up for it with an extended break in consequence, this year.

I have dealt with numerous applications for non-party costs this term, lost a case in the Court of Appeal, dealt with a number of assessments, and a surprising number of cases concerning applications or disputes over the extant fixed costs rules.

When I return in the autumn, I predict no shortage of work. The new fixed recoverable costs rules will come into force, there will be an upswing in solicitor/own client disputes, and the steady flow of non-party costs disputes is likely to continue. 

I also have a number of new initiatives in mind, which will benefit from the extended break, by having time to percolate, and to then be actioned in the autumn. Of which more, much more, in due course.

So until then, I bid you au ‘voir rather than adieu, and this blog will return in September, as will I.

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