Summer’s lease

The school year has ended, and like the children, I am now away until September.

Alas, I have been struck down with ill health, and rather than heading to Portugal, I am having surgery instead and will spend the rest of August convalescing.

Have a splendid summer whilst I am away.

This blog will reopen for business in the autumn, and the sponsored walk to Save the Children will take place then.

In the meantime, it appears Sunny and her friend are still heading south anyway.

2 thoughts on “Summer’s lease

  1. Dear Mr Hogan,

    I was very concerned to read of your ill health and wish you a speedy recovery.

    I trust that you and your family have as enjoyable an August as you can in the circumstances. Our Flat Coat x Retriever (Vogue…from a guide dog ‘V’ litter) and I will follow Sunny’s and your sponsored walk with interest, come September.

    Kind regards

    Terry Wisdom

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