Data protection

One of my interests for many years at the Bar has been in the field of data protection law. Data protection has particular significance for claims management companies, insurance companies and firms of solicitors who all regularly engage in the processing of personal data.

It is an area of increasing interest as the ability to lawfully utilise personal data can be at the heart of a business’s activities. Data protection is one aspect of a wider field I term information law. With the increasing sophistication of information technology, I foresee that the field can only grow in importance.

In May 2018 the GDPR will come into force notwithstanding the possibility of BREXIT and is likely to remain part of English and Welsh law, due to the practicalities of trading with and providing services within the European Union.

The government has published a document on its legislative intentions a copy of which can be found here:

A New Data Protection Bill Our Planned Reforms