Costs advice

A large part of the work that I do, is providing advice on issues of costs and also drafting documents for the purposes of court hearings.

Whilst I do not draft bills of costs, which are better drafted and more cheaply, by a costs lawyer or costs draftsman, I frequently draft points of dispute and replies.

I can advise by way of a written, paper or email advice, on levels of costs likely to be awarded by the courts, or on particular points of law. I also advise orally in conference, which can be either on a face to face basis, or increasingly these days by telephone or video conferencing.

I am happy to organise conferences in Nottingham, but in costs cases, due to the volume of papers usually involved, it is more sensible for me to travel to you.

I also draft non-contentious documents, such as Conditional Fee Agreements, Collective Conditional Fee Agreements, Standard Terms and Conditions and retainers.