Costs budgeting at the ACL 13th May 2016

I have now clawed my way back to Nottingham, after a very pleasant but tiring trip to Manchester, for A Question Time on Costs and some other errands.

Many thanks to all of you who attended on Thursday, it was very pleasant to be able to put a face to people who have been I talking to and emailing, for years in some cases, but have never met in person before.

On 13th May 2016, I shall be speaking to the ACL at their spring conference in London, on the theme of costs budgeting. The actual title is “Costs Budgeting-where do we go from here?” and in the normal way, after the paper has been delivered, it will be published on this website.

I find that as the years go by, I tend to go more and more conferences, sometimes to speak, sometimes just to listen and indeed to learn things. The “silo effect” where you are ignorant of other people’s interests, priorities and points of view, has to be robustly combatted and I find conferences are one of the best ways to do that.

The ACL have also kindly invited me as a guest to their dinner on Friday evening, which I always find enjoyable, and informative too.

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

A Question Time on Costs approaches

On 28th April 2016 at 4.30 pm, the Question Time on Costs, will take place at the Lowry in Manchester.

So far 150 solicitors, costs lawyers and draftsmen have signed up to attend, and have taken the opportunity to submit some percipient, probing, or insightful questions, which I hope will trouble the panel, and be of benefit to attendees as the discussions unfold.

Then drinks and canapés will follow. I am assured that there is a generous measure of liquid refreshment.

There is just a little more capacity left in the theatre, so if you are able to attend, you can sign up here:

Assignment: the saga continues

Argument has now been concluded on all issues including the Claimant’s appeal and the Defendant’s cross appeal in the case of Jones v Spire Healthcare today in the County Court at Liverpool.

HH Judge Wood QC, has indicated his intention to hand down a written judgment on both appeals in the next few weeks.


Assignment: the next chapter

On Tuesday 19th April 2016 His Honour Judge Wood QC sitting in the County Court at Liverpool, will continue to hear the arguments on the assignment of CFAs in the case of Jones.v.Spire Healthcare.

The hearing of the Claimant’s appeal having already concluded, the Defendant’s cross appeal will commence at 10.30am.

Spanish Caravan

The Easter holidays are over: I have returned from an all too brief holiday in Andalucía, to the usual pile of paper, and about 100,000 emails, most of which can be mercifully deleted on the premise, that if the enquiry is still current, or important, the sender will be in contact again.

Already the Easter term commenced last week, and litigation is starting to roll.

On 13th May 2016 I shall be attending the ACL’s annual conference in London, where I shall be speaking on the delights of costs budgeting, a topic I am pleased to note has a particular currency given the amendments to the costs budgeting rules this month and of course the flotation of the idea of its abolition, through an extensive and all embracing regime of fixed costs.

I hope to see many of you there and please do come and say hello.

Do not be shy, when pressing a drink into my hand at the dinner on Friday night, or even better, unloading your burdens about your latest troublesome case into my sympathetic ear in order to find a solution.

In the meantime, noting that the Easter term is quickly followed by Trinity Term and it is a long time until the summer vacation starts on 29th July, here is a musical interlude to foster warm memories of sunnier climes.